The Benefits of a Vegan-based Skincare Product Line


Veganism is a contemporary term primarily used to describe a plant-based diet. There are many reasons individuals opt to abstain from the use of animals as a nutritional source. Disciples of veganism are typically driven by an acute consciousness for personal health, a concern for the environment, and a respect for all living creatures. That is not to say the person hankering for a big hunk of beef is void of ethical attributes. A vegan diet is simply not to everyone’s taste. There are controversies that both support and detract from the health benefits of removing all animal products from the menu.  There is one vegan effort that has gained acceptance among all dietary groups – vegan skin care.

Many personal care products bear the label “Cruelty-Free.”  Does that make them “Vegan?” No. Do not mistake “cruelty-free” skin care products with vegan products.  The label “cruelty-free” is used by companies that reportedly do not actively test formulations on animals. According to the Food and Drug Association, there is no “legal definition” for the term cruelty-free. Some manufacturers may get a bit creative with their “cruelty-free” consumer product labeling by allowing subcontractors and materials suppliers to conduct testing on ingredients and formulas.  Skin care products may also contain animal by-products such as milk, eggs, honey, or lanolin and still be labeled “cruelty-free.”

Vegan skin care products are considered the most ethical in the cosmetic industry. Vegan products are not tested on animals and production definitively excludes the use of any animal or animal by-products in the ingredients.  The creation of vegan skin products offers consumers a pure, minimalist approach to skin care. Plant or clay-based vegan products often contain essential oils and include face and body cleansers, oils, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, and even lip gloss. Vegan products are compounded without harsh preservatives, chemicals, or toxins that irritate and compromise the skin’s delicate balance.

Independent testing of vegan skin care products indicates they are equal, and in many cases more effective to replenish, revitalize, and restore the skin. They offer a natural, organic way to obtain healthier skin.  Dermatologists often recommend vegan skin care products for patients suffering from acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. Do not fear sacrificing vital skin care by electing the vegan choice. You do not have to be vegan to appreciate the proven benefits of vegan products!  

No matter your dietary choice, environmental, or ethical position, explore the high-performing, effective vegan products available. Going skin vegan is healthy, ethically-conscious, and it promotes peak restorative performance.


The corporate mission of Skin Moderne is to produce the most natural, organic, effective products possible. No Skin Moderne products or ingredients are ever tested on animals, and we do not permit our raw material suppliers to do so. We have proudly earned the international Leaping Bunny Certification. By seeking out the most modern, technologically advanced naturally derived, bio-active ingredients, we strive to ensure every molecule in every component is recognizable and utilized by the body. Nothing in our products is potentially harmful to cause irritations or cellular toxicity.  Try the Skin Moderne line of skin care today!