LIVE: Feed Your Skin with Skin Moderne’s Line of All-Natural, Organic Skincare Products

Ever wonder why your “grapefruit” or “apricot” scrub or moisturizer isn’t actually the color of a grapefruit or an apricot? Well, the leaders behind Skin Moderne have, too.

Many skincare companies today claim their products contain natural superfood plant ingredients, but they completely lack the color, or pigment, of the plant, which contains many of the valuable health benefits. From its early stages, Skin Moderne has always used natural or naturally-derived ingredients that are recognizable by the body. But with a lot of research and the help of a special, patented technology, we are now able to retain the important, rich pigment of the organic fruits and veggies we incorporate into our skincare products. Even better, the preservation method is 100% natural.

Without getting too scientific, the phytonutrients and antioxidants that fight environmental aggressors and inflammation are present in the natural pigment of fruits and vegetables. So skincare products that say they contain blueberry, but are white in color are lacking what makes including the blueberry beneficial in the first place. You wouldn’t eat a blueberry that wasn’t the natural rich shade of bluish purple, so why should you put a blueberry skincare product that’s actually white on your face?

Enter Skin Moderne’s LIVE line of all-natural, organic skincare products that actually possess the natural color and benefits of the superfood ingredients they contain. We put live, fresh food ingredients, hence the name LIVE, in each of these products, such as blueberry, mangosteen, carrot, and more. And while you’re not actually eating the ingredients, the nutrients are technically working to feed your skin!

Because the superfood infused LIVE line is designed to “feed” your skin, each product is uniquely named after actual meals. Our nutrient dense, moisturizing day cream, for example, is called “Breakfast Smoothie,” while the rich, hydrating night cream is “Dinner Smoothie.” We chose to add “smoothie” to the name, because drinking a smoothie is rejuvenating and leaves people feeling cleaner and nourished. And that’s exactly what our LIVE line products will do for your skin.

Filled with all-natural superfood ingredients that are packed with phytonutrients, Skin Moderne’s LIVE products are highly recommended for consumers searching for clean, organic skincare products. From the fresh ingredients to the technology we use, Skin Moderne is passionate about creating absolutely natural, efficacious skincare products. Start feeding your skin today with our LIVE line!