The Best Skincare Products for Men

Tips for a Simple Routine to Achieve Better, Younger Looking Skin

Okay men, let’s get down to business. From acne struggles to the first signs of aging, we know that you care just as much about the appearance of your skin as your female counterparts. That’s why we, at Skin Moderne, want to help you learn how to better take care of your body’s largest organ. With the right routine and products – and, no, we don’t mean just stealing whatever your girlfriend has on the bathroom counter – you can achieve younger, healthier-looking skin.

First, let’s clear something up. There is a common misconception that men’s skin is somehow different than women’s, and there are tons of skincare products out there with ‘manly packaging’ that feed into this idea. We’re here to tell you that your skin is not that different from women’s. While men do tend to have larger pores, this is only because they typically don’t have as vigorous skincare regimens or make the effort to protect their skin from damage.

Skin is skin, no matter your gender. There is no magical product that only works for males. However, we do understand that when it comes to skincare, men don’t want to use a product that’s pink and smells like a flower. We also know that simplicity is key. Men are not likely to keep up with a heavy, 10-step skin routine.

Well men, Skin Moderne has got you covered. Our natural skincare products are all made for both women and men, so we don’t add any overwhelming perfumes. The only fragrances you’ll find in our products are already naturally present in the organic, superfood ingredients we use.

Plus, they are incredibly easy to use, light, and highly effective. While every man has varying skin issues they want to address, the experts behind Skin Moderne suggest this basic skin regimen because it will keep your skin clean, moisturized, and protected from free radicals, aka environmental aggressors, while also providing anti-aging properties to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Want to avoid rough skin and those pesky crow’s feet? Make these three simple skincare products part of your quick, daily routine to treat and protect your skin.  

  • Cleansing Gel
  • Put down the bar soap and the 3-in-1 body wash. These usually contain harsh ingredients that can irritate and dry out your skin. Instead, try Skin Moderne’s mild, natural plant based facial cleanser. It’s gentle, and will leave your skin feeling clean and nourished every time.

  • Breakfast Smoothie Moisturizer
  • Keeping your skin properly moisturized is key for maintaining younger, brighter looking skin. This natural, nutrient dense product is the mother of all moisturizers. While it’s not actually a smoothie, it does technically “feed” your skin all the nutrients it craves. Loaded with organic moisturizing ingredients, it contains hyaluronic acid for hydration and wrinkle reduction, and provides long-term skin cell protection from pollution and free radicals, all while giving you a natural glow of subtle color.

  • C Fusion Serum
  • Serums are ideal for men, because unlike thick and heavy creams, they are extremely light, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a pound of lotion on your face after application. Skin Moderne’s Vitamin C serum is an awesome skincare staple every man should add to their daily routine. It’s extremely easy to apply, as you can use it on its own or kill two birds with one stone and mix in a few pumps with your cleanser or moisturizer. Its high levels of Vitamin C will brighten tired, dull looking skin.

    There you have it. Three basic skincare products for men to develop a quick and insanely easy skincare routine. So simple and effective, your girlfriend might actually start stealing your products.